About Us

About Us

Wenesco melting equipment

Founded in 1962, the company is now in its sixth decade of designing and manufacturing soldering equipment for electronics manufacturers.   
  In the 70s, Wenesco emerged as a major supplier toelectronic automotive rebuilders.   
  In the 90s, we added melting equipment for wax, plastics, and metals, hot plates, and other industrial-process heating equipment.

We earn our customers' loyalty by:

1. offering quality products at fair prices 
2. creating custom solutions for their unique needs, and 
3. standing behind our products with full service and technical support.

Upon your request, we will be happy to furnish you with some references. And If your plans happen to take you to Chicago, you are welcome to tour our factory on the Northwest Side of town.

Please direct your inquiries and orders to our  sales office
Buys Ballotstraat 8-207, 4507 DA Schoondijke, Netherlands
T +31486416240 C+31653355677  F +31486414514