Hazardous Area Hot Plates

 Wenesco EX series Intrinsically safe hot plates are specifically designed to operate in Class 1, Division 2 conditions
When related to hot plates, intrinsic safety means that oxygen in the hot plate housing is held to such a low level that a mixture of flammable or combustible material cannot ignite, either during normal operation or under fault conditions. 
Model EXPL66
Each features a nitrogen inerting system that the sealed hot plate purged with nitrogen. If nitrogen pressure is lost, an accurate pressure sensor shuts down the heating elements.
The device is controlled from a remote digital thermostat which displays set point and current temperature in F or C. This thermostat features PID function to limit temperature variation to 2% of set point.  An adjustable high-limit setting with manual restart is included. Note:  the thermostat enclosure must be placed in a "safe zone" -- out of thehazardous environment.
The hot plate assembly consists of an anodized aluminum plate mounted on a stainless steel housing. The heating elements are mounted to the bottom of the plate. The elements and wiring are enclosed in the housing, which is finally sealed with high temperature cement.


HP66ex 6 x 6 10 x 10 x 4 120/240
HP86ex 8 x 6 12 x 10 x 4 120/240
HP1212ex 12 x 12 16 x 16 x 4 120/240
HP1218ex 12 x 18 16 x 22 x 4 120/240
Model HP1212EXV,12 X 12 in. inerted hot plate is positioned vertically.  
Plumbing and wiring are mounted in the rear

Wenesco Heated Block Systems
The model shown holds 12 one-liter bottles that contain remnants of kerosene, which has to be evaporated to prevent build up of residue. The system operates under the user's exhaust system to evacuate the fumes.
The sealed, heated module chamber under the custom-made block is purged with nitrogen to create a  pressurized and inerted interior in order to prevent volatile fumes from entering the heated chamber. 
An accurate digital thermostat maintains temperature at 120C. Another redundant high-limit thermostat set at 150C is included. An accurate pressure switch shuts down the system if the nitrogen supply fails. An adjustable timer will delay start up until the chamber is fully purged.
The control box is placed 10 feet from the heated block module in a safe environment.