Microptik in IFTS Seminar

Microptik in IFTS Seminar

Microptik Participation in IFTS Seminar, Paris

"Lab-Robot DPSA. Hybride technology: Laser Obscuration and Image Analysis"

On 15 November 2012, IFTS (Institute de la Filtration et des Technique Separatives), organized a seminar related to

Caractérisques physiques

des parcules et des suspensions

Contrôle en ligne dans les procédés industriels

(on/at-line characterization of particles and suspensions  in the process industry)

Our CEO, Mr. Henry VanLieshout, was invited to share Microptik's vision with the renowned French scientific society about useful techniques our company has to offer in this field. With great enthiousiasm a new Microptik technology was presented to the audience. The hybride technology "Dynamic Particle Size Analyses based on laser obscuration  in conjunction with image analysis" was well received. Various exciting application fields were presented to illustrate the capability of the technique.

EVENT: Séminaire IFTS, Paris. Caractérisques physiques des particules et des suspensions Contrôle en ligne dans les procédés industriels.

DATE: Thursday, 15th November 2012, 10:15am

LOCATION: Hotel Kyriad - Gare Paris Est - 75010 Paris, France

SPEAKER: Henry van Lieshout, President of Microptik