Foam Fluxers

Model C79-10 Foam Fluxer with 10-inch foam nozzle
 Wenesco's Foam Fluxers are widely used to apply flux to circuit boards prior to wave soldering.  They're renowned for generating a smooth, even foam head across the length of the foam nozzle.
    We manufacture them out of stainless steel with plastic fittings and diffuser to resist virtually all foaming fluxes. 
Model Foam nozzle-inches
C79-1 1 X 2
C79-2 2 X 2
C79-4 4 X 2
C79-6 6 X 1 or 2
C79-8 8 X 1 or 2
C79-10 10 X 1 or 2
C79-12 12 X 1 or 2
C79-16 16 X 1 or 2
C79-18 18 X 1 or 2
C79-24 24 X 1 or 2

  All include a pressure regulator, pressure guage, flow control valve, 4-foot input hose, and drain tube.  Compressed air at 10 psi is required for operation.
                       OTHER SIZES  MADE TO ORDER

Replacement Flux Stones (Diffuser)

Flux Stones are made from micro-porous plastic tubing.  When pressurized, they create a foam "head" composed of tiny air bubbles.  Replacement stones for existing foam fluxers are cut to size and fittings are attached.  Please call for a quote.  
Flux stone assembly with special fittings to fit some ELECTROVERT foam fluxers