Hardware developer

Hardware developer

Job title: Developer machine vision, spectroscopy and automation. The company: A fast growing international operating company producing High Tech analytical products, based on machine vision, spectroscopy and automation, selling to customers all over the world. Our innovative products find their use in numerous applications in renowned companies and institutes.

Opportunity: To cope with an ever growing demand of innovation and improvement of our products and products to be, we are looking for young and dynamic technical people with a natural habit to perform and score better than average, with a drive and passion, to work in an international team of highly motivated people to deliver breakthrough technology and to feel satisfaction in accomplishing what nobody has done before!

Job description: In our R&D department we have an opening for a developer in the field of machine vision, spectroscopy and automation. As many disciplines are needed to develop our different technologies we can use technical people with various technical backgrounds, i.e. electronics, IT, mechanics, optics, chemistry, biology and more. The candidate will develop to become a specialist in a certain field needed for our technical developments. The person will work in multifunctional teams, composed of members located in different countries in Europe. After an introduction training in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the Ukraine, the candidate will start off in Madrid in our office. We expect that the candidate will develop in several years to become a project leader being responsible for a team of developers in Madrid. He or she will report to the relevant group leader.

Job requirement: Finished University degree in any technical discipline with good marks. The person should exhibit a proven track record of self starting, self motivation, being a group player and a driver to perform above average. 

Language skills: fluent in English in speaking and writing. Experience with English reporting is a prerequisite. 

Location: Our company is in the process of establishing a new R&D facility in Madrid Spain. The apprentice will be located in our new office.

Salary, compensation and perspective: We will compensate in accordance with the market with respect to similar functions. After successful accomplishing tasks during an evaluation period, the candidate will be offered a long term contract. With sustainable growth in performance and achievables the responsibility and compensation will grow in accordance with the market for similar functions.

Contact: If you are interested in this job feel free to send us an email with motivation and CV in English.

To Human resource leader Johan Maes jm@microptik.eu